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Welcome to Luthra Group

The Luthra Group is one of the leading and well equipped processing houses of Surat...

Ever since its inception the group has been moving ceaselessly on a growth track. Luthra Group promotes sustainability through circular economy. The group’s mission is to protect future through adoption of innovative, technology driven '3R Approach' in its environment and industrial infrastructure business.

Founded in the year 1980 and headquartered at Surat, the group possesses a formidable base of skills and equipment that can be scaled to meet any requirement within a short turnaround time. Right from inception, it has created a niche for itself as a progressive, forward-looking and entrepreneurial organisation.

The Luthra Group started its business with a Textiles at Surat, and diversified into Infrastructure development and Environment Protection and is spreading geographically to several parts of the country.

The company has grown by leaps and bounds, and is today, a specialist multidisciplinary organisation marked by a substantial contribution to the growth of the country in the spheres of infrastructure development and waste management. Luthra Group is leader and has proven its expertise in Industrial Hazardous and Non Hazardous Wastes Recycling through Pre Processing, Industrial Waste Water Recycling through CETP- ZLD facilities and successfully developing sustainable Eco Textile Parks. The group; as part of 'Swachh Bharat Mission' engaged in production of Sustainable Alternate Fuel (SAF) from Municipal wastes.

Innovative ideas that need unconventional thinking is exactly what the strategy team at Luthra Group applies to provide viable solutions for challenging projects.

The group business activity significantly contributes towards achieve India's goal of self-sustainability, De-carbonisation and GHG emissions reductions.

At its disposal is a talent pool of Technical Manpower and a panel of consultants who have proven expertise in various fields of civil and infrastructure engineering. A highly advanced, optimised operations model ensures timely, efficient and cost effective deliveries to clients.

  • 1955

    Year of inception
  • 30+

    Group Companies
  • 7000+


Our Vision

Excellence in sustainable environment infrastructure and eco solutions


Our Mission

Committed to maintaining practices conducive to the human health and the environment

Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Speed
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Care
  • Commitment
  • Ownership

From the Chairman

At Luthra Group, we convey our respect and sincerity towards nature and environment, by not only implementing green practices in our routines, but also by promoting the 3R Policy.
- Reduce
- Reuse
- Recycle
Girish Ramesh Luthra

Luthra Group Of Companies