40 years od excellence



Environment Infrastructure

Pre-processing/Recycling of Industrial Hazardous & Non-hazardous Waste

  • Developed and operating eight regional scale pre-processing facilities across India which converts Hazardous Waste into Alternate Fuel, Alternate Raw material
  • Minimise/Elimination of Incineration and Landfill
  • Substitutes coal and help cement companies achieving De-carbonisation goals

Production of Sustainable Alternate Fuel (SAF) from Recycling / Reuse of MSW

  • Pre-processing facilities across cities for conversion of 'MSW to SAF' and replacement of coal with SAF in cement fuels and other applications
  • Substituting coal with SAF and corresponding GHG reductions
  • Clearing legacy dumps as part of 'Swachh Bharat mission' (SBM) and ensuring clean urban air

Recycling of Industrial Waste Water through CETP-Zld Plant

  • Designed, developed, and operating CETP- Zld Plant facilities for various textile clusters and ensured 100 % legal compliance, zero liquid discharge and Waste water recycling
  • Ensuring survival and sustainable growth of MSMEs in Textile sector
  • Saving of precious water resources

Industrial Infrastructure

Sustainable and Futuristic Industrial Growth

Established several sustainable integrated textile parks with centralized facilities through the support of MOT, GOI, and the State Government.


Saved 11,28,000 tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions


Saved 5,64,000 tons of Fossil Fuels


Reused 8,61,000 tons of Waste


Saved 2,15,000 Kilo Litres Fresh Water